Uppsala University: Mission, Goals and Strategies

  • Act number: UFV 2018/641
  • Decision maker: University Board
  • Decision date: 2019-12-12
  • Contact: Tom Petersson
  • Processing body: Planning Division
  • Document type: Programmes


About the document

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Uppsala University: Mission, Goals and Strategies is intended to enhance the University’s status as a globally leading higher education institution, its position in society and its capacity to continually renew itself so as to meet present and future challenges.

This document describes the University’s goals and ambitions in the short and long term, along with fundamental requirements for achieving them. It focuses more on the goals – what the University wants to achieve and why – than on strategies for how to achieve the goals. This is a conscious choice. The University’s breadth, diversity and decentralised decision-making organisation make it natural to lay down overall goals at University-wide level. By and large, the business of fleshing out the goals and designing strategies for achieving them belongs more at an operational level in the disciplinary domains, faculties and departments.

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