Segerstedthuset all-night open for students

  • Act number: UFV 2019/1656
  • Decision maker: University Director
  • Decision date: 2019-09-30
  • Contact:
  • Processing body: Security and safety division
  • Document type: Procedures


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From November 1 2019 until further notice the public areas of Segerstedthuset will be available for students during the regular opening hours of the house weekdays 08:00-16:30, as well as weekdays at 16:30 to 08:00 using campus card and code.
Holidays and bridge days ("klämdagar") Segerstedthuset is closed and not accesible to students.
There will be a transitional and information period between October 1st to October 31.


According to the Vice-Chancellor's decision 2019-09-24, UFV 2019/1656, Opening hours in Uppsala University's premises which states that premises to which students have access are open 05:00-00.00, no study areas on campus will be available at night. Longer closing times may occur in local decisions on campus areas. Decisions regarding extended opening hours for individual projects or events can be made by the university director in consultation with the security manager.

In order to offer the students who need a study place at night, the public areas of Segerstedthuset will be available to students from Monday at 08:00 to Friday at 21:00. Bridge days and public holidays, Segerstedthuset is closed and not accessible to students.
The premises are accessible with the students' campus cards and code. Each student is responsible for his or her stay and must not admit unauthorized persons.

Last modified: 2021-11-18