Guidelines for conducting remote written examinations at Uppsala University

  • Act number: UFV 2020/2118
  • Decision maker: Vice-Chancellor
  • Decision date: 2020-12-15
  • Reviewed: 2023-10-30
  • Contact: Eva Söderman
  • Processing body: Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division


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These guidelines concern the conduct of remotely delivered written examinations, including digital examinations, for students enrolled at Uppsala University. ‘Remote written examinations’ means written examinations that could be given in exam rooms, with a limited time for answering the exam during a single day, but which are instead conducted remotely using information technology (IT). For the purposes of these guidelines, examination means, in addition to a written examination at the end of a course, any exam taken for part of a course (a test or similar), but not an exam or test taken as an entry requirement or a diagnostic test.

The guidelines set out the responsibilities and duties of all staff at departments working with remote examinations, including the handling of exam papers and answers, and of examinees taking remote written examinations.

Departments/course coordinators must inform all staff working with remote written examinations about these guidelines.

These guidelines do not concern written examinations given in an exam room. For such examinations, other guidelines apply (UFV2018/2093).

Guidance for the practical conduct of remote assessments ís available in the Staff Portal, see Guidance for Remote Examinations.

Under the guidelines for remote written examinations, monitoring using a video service is not allowed when giving remote written examinations. To a limited extent, exemptions can be granted in consultation with the Data Protection Officer and in accordance with the Security and Safety Division’s procedures. If an exemption has been granted for video monitoring of a remote written examination, the students concerned must be informed of this, with a clear explanation of why this is being done and how the filmed material will be processed.  A request for an exemption for monitoring using a video service can be submitted online.

Last modified: 2024-01-03