Appointment Regulations for Uppsala University

  • Act number: UFV 2019/1673
  • Decision maker: University Board
  • Decision date: 2021-04-22
  • Contact: Dag Linde
  • Processing body: Human Resources Division
  • Document type: Regulations


About the document

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These Appointment Regulations were adopted by the University Board. The Appointment Regulations determine, under the Higher Education Ordinance, what teaching positions may exist at the University as well as the University's work with recruitment and promotion of teachers. The overarching goal of the Appointment Regulations is to create the preconditions for Uppsala University to enhance its competitiveness as an international research and education university. To attain this goal it is crucial that the University be able to attract, recruit, and retain teachers in order to pursue research and teaching of the highest quality. The University's mission, as formulated in the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance, in the University's statements of its goals and in its operational plans, constitutes a natural point of departure for recruiting and promoting teachers. The mission is fulfilled by the efforts of employees and can be achieved only if teachers possess a high level of competence relevant to the needs of both today and tomorrow. The achievements of employees create today's and at the same time lay the foundation for tomorrow's University.

Last modified: 2024-01-03